Table placements are mats that help in protecting your table while you eat or drink something. You can avail these placemats in different colors and designs. The material that is mostly used to make these table placemats is PVC. Since, the purpose is to provide a waterproof and stain proof layer. Many people even use these mats for ornamental purposes. Like placing them with table runners and creating a classy look. Imagine a situation where u are eating, and suddenly food spills on ur table, or water spills over. This situation becomes troublesome as u have to clean it all over and it ends up disturbing ur meal time. With table, you may end up staining ur clothes too. So, to protect such satiations, table placemats are used. They come in rectangular shape and with a set of 6. These are really important as they protect your table from different damages like food spill, liquid spills, dust, scratches, etc. You can even pair the with table covers or table runners. Whatever material you pick, make sure, that your table placemats are 100% waterproof.


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